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New book: Switzerland in Greenland

Are you interested in expedition history? East Greenland? Place name etymology? Or Geography? Then this book is for you!

The 28th of May 2019 the Danish Greenlandic Society releases the book “Switzerland in Greenland” by Jan Løve and Hans Christian Florian Sørensen.

 The book describes the Swiss meteorologist Alfred De Quervain’s crossing of the Greenlandic icecap from West Greenland to East Greenland in 1912, and how a small piece of Switzerland came to East Greenland. The books two authors have through travels, historical sources and with the collaboration with the Greenlandic Place Names Committee, rediscovered the almost unknown Switzerland in East Greenland north of Tasiilaq. Through expedition history and place name research, the two authors have also managed to make this piece of history relevant in our time. As a result of their work, Alfred De Quervain’s place names have been placed on a modern map, and some of them have been officially recognized as the name for the place. The book is richly illustrated with maps and photos.

The book can be purchased through Danish Arctic Institute - click on Media & Sale to the left

Price: 250 DKK incl. vat.

Foto: Jette Bang (gjb03858), Qullissat 1939

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